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Can you transfer WHS v1 WDBB client backups to WHS 2011


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That's what I did as a test.

1) Backup WHSV1 Client Backup database with WHS BDBB add-in

2) Setup virtual WHS installation on my Hyper-V box

3) Restore BDBB backed up database to virtual WHSV1 installation




Is this possible? Did it work? What steps would I need to follow to do this (just the overview I can figure out the details). Although I have never successfully run the whs bdbb addin, it always fails part way through the process.

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Remember, he didn't move the WHSv1 backups to WHS2011; he backed up his WHSv1 backups, installed WHS2011, then created a VM with WHSv1 inside it. He then restored his WHSv1 backups to the VM, not WHS2011.


WHSv1 backups are not transferrable to WHS2011.

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Even though you could copy the folder to the WHS2011 server, you will not be able to do a restore.


Your only option is to restore the backups to the original PC's then uninstall the Windows Home Server v1 connector and install the new WHS2011 connector and then backup to the WHS2011 server.

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