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Had to do a restore of my Win 2008 R2 Hyper-v server


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Woke up on Sunday morning to find out we lost power over night but regained it before I got up. Went to my home 2008r2 box I built in March to use as a Hyper-V virtual server for my WHS 2011, Windows 7 remotefx, and 2008r2 domain controller. Got a SMART error saying my system drive a Seagate 1TB 7200 rpm drive was going bad and to backup all my data. So I ran Windows builtin backup to a 2 tb usb drive, using the baremetal backup option. Took about 4 hours to backup 600gb. THis drive housed all the c: partitions to my virtual machines lucklly I store all the data partitions of the virutal machines on different disk on the 2008r2 server.


Long story short went to microcenter and bought a new Seagate drive and did a baremetal restore carefull to exclude all the other undamaged partitions and had my server back without a hiccup in about 3 hours.


Microsoft makes it pretty easy to backup and restore servers now a days. Im just glad it wasnt a domain controller becasue that would have been a mess to restore.

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Guest no-control

Always run more than one DC that way you have a redundant copy. I use a separate VM on a separate drive for my 2nd DC/DNS. That avoids the mess.

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