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Zune 4.2 on WHS & Uninstall Zune 4.0


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I installed Zune 4 on my WHS box according to the instructions in the blog several months ago. I have basically been using it as a podcatcher since this box is on 24/7 and it has been working great.

Now that several updates for the Zune software have been released I wanted to apply the latest one, ver 4.2. Again I followed the instruction and prepared the file to install. When I ran it, it found the original version and told me to uninstall it first. I tried that but get the error that the uninstall cannot run because my OS is not XP.

Any suggestions to work around this?

Also, will the original instructions to install Zune 4.0 still work for 4.2?

Thanks in advance,
Apopka FL USA (Orlando area)

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Hi Walter,

Since we hacked Zune to work on WHS, when Windows Update goes gets updates, it will see that you have Zune so it will put it in the download list. But then it will fail to install. Yesterday I downloaded the zune update for my Win7 machine and grabbed the file to copy to my WHS for install. However during the install, it failed. I believe that's because the new zune software allows intergration to Windows 7 Libraries and since WHS does not, the service could not install.

AJ has a XP machine and told me he would give it a try. So look forward to his reply.

As for the uninstall of the old Zune software failing. I use Revo Uninstaller on my WHS. Use that, it will start the windows unistall routine, which will fail, then Revo will take over and list the reg keys and folders to delete.

John (homeservershow).

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Very painless for me, actually.
1/ Use Revo to uninstall Zune. Do not restart
2/ Download the regular installer from zune.net
3/ Extract the exe as a zip file (I use 7-zip)
4/ copy the /packages folder to the homeserver (I have a folder in \\homeserver\software\other for such installations)
5/ Run the "Zune-x86.msi" file
6/ Done

Note: I didn't have to use Orca to change the MSI. I was surprised by that.

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Thanks for the help guys.

I got Zune 4.0 uninstalled using Revo. When I try to install the new version I get the message that it can't install the ZuneNetworkSvc. At that point the install has to be canceled.


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