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Podcast 137, What do you think ?


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I thought Jim had some good points -- there really should be a pull-down backup menu where you could allocate different shares to be backed up to different backup drives and then just execute the whole list at once -- preferably on some type of automated schedule. An Add-in waiting to happen!!


The meet-up sounds pretty exciting -- something must be going on up in Wisconsin -- a lot of hotels are booked up already!


Over-all really enjoyed to podcast. Thanks for your hard work!



I don't usually agree much with Jim's take but he nailed this one. It is absurd that this wasn't addressed before they released the product.


PS I am starting to think Jim is right on the drobo as well.

PSS I am not saying Jim is wrong or his opinion doesn't matter. I just have different views than he does. He does cause me to re-analyze my thoughts sometimes. I like that his opinions are usually different than mine. If they were all the same it would get boring.

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