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Music and Pictures Shares not updating on HTPC

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I setup my \\SERVER\Pictures share as a mapped drive on the HTPC to see if it would load into WMC - but no luck. WMC searches & tries to index ALL .jpg's - but fails after 30+ minutes each time. (See above screen snap)


I did revert my HTPC back to a system image from a month ago - to see if I had a corrupt file/install of the connector SW. But, as stated above, I got identical results of not finding or updating music and pictures. I'm using identical paths for these shares. (v1-2011)


The extender may be the issue. But I can't prove it. I dug into the Server Manager/User Accounts. There were 2 accounts for my extender. Seems it doesn't delete the account after you remove the computer from the Dashboard. (Which I did before I re-installed the connector SW and re-imaged my HTPC - after it's first failed attempt to see my pictures/music update.) I deleted the one I thought was the old one, but still the same results.


My testing is limited to after the family has gone to sleep and shut off the TV's. WMC w InfiniTV4 for TV and WHS for media is the whole house media solution for my home. Any tweaking - troubleshooting is therefore limited to late at night. And I'm a bit tired :o


My next step will be to follow the steps described here.


When I go to https://SERVER from my local computer (Opening the remote web access page) I see My Pictures gets updated with ALL .jpg's on my server. Only half of those are from My Pictures (personal) folders. The rest are from backdrop.jpg and folder.jpg from my Video collection and album art. This is why I (and I bet others as well) see all these other .jpg's in the My Pictures Library tile in WMC when viewing by DATE & not by Folder.

WHSv1 does not work this way - It's a stupid bug in WHS2011 & those other .jpg' should not be seen in the My Pictures Library in WMC! But it tries to cache them. The remote media streaming is what I believe is causing my grief. So I'll disable mine at start over.

(I have a screen snap of this above). I view WMC/My Pictures Library by Folder (2010,2011 - then sub folders) - which fails to index in WMC. The conflict is that WHS2011 is including ALL the .jpg's from my server viewable the WMC/My Pictures Library tile (which should only contain - well it did in v1 - the ones in my designated folders). There's only 9GB of in My Pictures share, but there's 17GB+ and counting when it's indexing all these other .jpg's and choking my system. My Music & Video library's are large (10TB) & I'm guessing WMC just can't index all those .jpg's at once. WMP12 is bad at keeping my large Music collection updated (if I change a tag or album art - it won't pick it up right away)


So, I'll report back after I do this: (as described in link above)


1)Server reboot.

2)After reboot, turn off media streaming from server dashboard.

3)Stop the "windows media player network sharing service"

4)Rename the "currentdatabase_" file in C:\Users\MediaStreamingAdmin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player

5)Start the "windows media player network sharing service"

6)Turn on media streaming from server dashboard. Immediately, the database file is recreated.


Maybe this data base needs to be re-built on the server as it seems to be stuck?


So, my question for any one using WMC & WHS2011 is:


Do you see ALL your .jpg's (no matter the folder - including video & album art) when viewing by date in the My Pictures Library tile within WMC?

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WMC should only be allowed to have access to the Shared Pictures Folder (SERVER//Pictures). The remote desktop media streaming applications is what I believe is choking WMC on my HTPC.

My Pictures as seen through remote web access:




WHS2011 Media Library as it the grabs ALL .jpg's on my server (including album & video art/backdrops)




The numbers for Pictures is so big because it is counting album art and video backdrops on top of "My Pictures" folder share!

WMC chokes because of this flaw.


The Video number is so overly inflated as well. :o I'm guessing it may be counting every .mt2s file? As there may be well over 100 per Blu-ray (BDMV/STREAM) Folder. These numbers are very misleading! My video collection (while extensive) is just a fraction of the 3,660 it shows in the Media Library image above. Why M$ Why?


I did have Remote Web access enabled for my HTPC user account. I shut that OFF, maybe that simple setting will cure my issue.

I'll report back tonight.

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I ended up re-installing a clean OS on my HTPC an starting from scratch.


1) I did not enable remote wed access and

2) I did not add the XBOX 360 extender user until after the client (HTPC) shares then updated


I won't know for sure if this is a bug in WHS2011 or if my HTPC w the extender was at fault. I did a lot of troubleshooting including:


Ran a sfc /scannow on HTPC, but all looked good

Did a re-install of WMC + WMP, but that didn't work

Re-installed the connector SW, no change

Shut of remote web access on all systems

Reverted my HTPC back to system images from before WHS2011 was installed, no help


The server kept showing multiple 20+ open files on the HTPC, which was probably the cause of it's failure to update my Music & Picture shares.

Although I closed these so called open files from the server, a new set would just keep re-appearing.

I removed HTPC computer & users from server before re-installing my OS.


All works as it should now & I should be happy. <_<

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