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My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011

Jon Hill

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Has anyone tried My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 Pre Release yet?

I have installed on whs 2011 but nothing is showing in the right hand pane where you expect to see the settings

I have installed on HP Prolient Microserver wondering hardware or software issues?




Any ideas?

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Sorry, I don't have any definite answers for you. Looks like you are already reviewing the MyMovies forums, where I see several others are having similar problems. From what I have read and experienced from my own installation, after the add in is installed, SQL server then is downloaded and installed. This happens in the background and is not very apparent. There are messages being posted in your Alerts. You have to wait for this process to finish and should not reboot or disrupt that install.


I read some this in the forums before installing so I knew what to expect and I had no problems with addin not showing up.


It is obvious there are several issues still and we should remember it is still in beta (pre-release).


I am going to wait for the next release to hopefully find my issues have been resolved.

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Exactly what I am going to do. I built my WHS 2011 and have copied all of my data over, however, I am still running the original WHS V1 for MyMovies on my WHS. Based on comments from Brian and WHS I would expect MyMovies for WHS 2011 to be released next week in final form...he said the 2nd half of the month should see the release of the new software.


I also believe he said that an updated version of MyMovies for WHS V1 would be released this week.

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