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Convert Dynamic disc back to basic without loosing data.

Don W

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Wow that is odd. I'm guessing you didn't try it on another machine? Curious if that would have worked. When you installed 2011 did you remove the drives from the pool first? Now that I think about it was this drive part of the pool? If you didn't remove it from the pool first I can see where the issue might have come from.


Like I said I'm glad you could recover the data using the 3rd party tool and in your case it looks like a reasonable thing to do.

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3rd party tools can be dangerous, but they can also be very useful. Before using a 3rd party disk tool for the first time, I either use CloneZilla to duplicate to another disk, or to create an image of the drive that I can restore to a drive if everything goes sideways. I agree with no-control in the sense that using an unknown tool on the only copy of some data is not the wisest approach.

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but I have the exact same issue and found a solution.


I too had a RAID1 that I unraided and reinstalled WHS2011 and assumed it would pick it up. What I read was it didn't get picked up because the dynmic disk has security on it to be locked to a particular installation. I could never find a solution so I decided to go ahead and experiment on one of the drives.


First, right-clicking on the drive in disk management gave me two options:


Import Foreign Disks...

Convert to Basic Disk


From what I read the Foriegn import wouldn't destroy anything so I tried it first. and violla it changed it to a simple volume and seems fully restored.


Not sure if the OP had this Foreign option or not, but mine was labled right under the Dynamic Drive lable. Maybe it was originally removed and readded in update since whs2011 is a crippled version of 2008 R2?


Hopefully this clears things up.



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