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OK, Starting this thread so that you can list what you use your server for. We all know it was designed for backup, file sharing/consolidation, but what are you using your server for or plan to use it for. We all for the most part are tinkerers and most of us find joy in squeezing that 1 extra thing out of our equipment so here is a place where you can tell us what you are using it for as well as give us ideas what else we might able to be to use our servers for.


I am on my second WHS box but will be quickly moving to a 3rd with some recent endeavors. My original WHS was installed as a replacement OS to a series of XP boxes that ran a personal web and ftp site running Sanbar server for a webserver that started back in 98 as a router/ras box running 98 on a DX2 66. For years it also housed my wma/mp3 as well as my photos.


With WHS1 (running an old 2.26 P4 (single core non hyperthreaded) I of course added backups as well of other core features. I added hosting of movies to my Verizon STBs as well as remote administration with WHS Mobile. I also expirimented with moving my IP DVR cameras from a linux box to the WHS server with some success.


Since Vail beta I have been running a a D525 (an ITX project box that I am planning on replacing with either an i3 or possibly an E8500 that I have)

Currently I am running in addition to the core server, I am running the following:

Vivotek's DVR software for my IP Camera's DVR feature

Sharepoint Foundation 2010 for document management system as well as my stepson's blog

Verizon FIOS's HomeMedia software for accessing my movies from my STBs

Trying out the UTorrent addin currently

Have taskscheduler running robocopy to copy desktop files to server files section on wife's and stepson's PCs (only thing I miss from server 1 is the prebuilt user folders)


Future Plans

Finish putting my movies on the server

I am wanting to setup an iSCSI connection to my work to access SAN access (Openfiler) for backup with Tivoli Storage Manager until then backing up to LTO4 (I know I'm old school and use tape)

Setup a VPN connection again with parents house againso they will autobackup to server.

Would like to see about more home automation added to the server such as access to my thermostat on the home server site.

Most desired addon would be a web page customizer to easliy add other frames or items to the page such as feeds from cameras, thermostat links etc.

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