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I have been using DA Document Management software which has a decent WHS version. However, this has been incredible slow to the point of being useless, and I only have a couple of the the thousands of documents I want to put in it. About 6 months ago, the company that produced the software sent me a special version to research the problem. They confirmed the issue, but after months of not hearing from them, I sent another e-mail and was told they are not going to work on any issues with the WHSv1 version and would devote their efforts to the WHS2011 version, which is understandable.


For me, even IF they solve my issue, I am not really interesting in the software anymore, unless they COMPLETELY overhaul it and add a ton of new features. Therefore, I am looking for something new that will meet my needs. My search so far has come down to these:


* Paperport

* Filecenter

* Docsvault

* eDoc Organizer


The front runner right now is FileCenter. Has anyone used this before? Also, I would love to try PaperPort, but don't see where they have a trial version, and there is no way I will buy it before trying it!

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Second your thoughts on PaperPort. It does everything I need, but boy does it like to hang. My machine has

been a little problematic lately, but if you read reviews from longtime PaperPort users you will see the

product has been in decline for a long time. A very close, almost copy of PaperPort is Presto PageManager

from Newsoft. The best part is that it came bundled with my bulletscan S300 and it does have a trial

version on their site. Like paperport is scans to pdf in a native folder structure, not a proprietary

database like some other products. That way with dropbox, all my docs are there for all my machines to use.

Filecenter looks nice, but it is a bit pricey.

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Thanks. I will give PageManager a try. I really have ruled out PaperPort since I can't find a demo and I am not going to buy it without first testing it. FileCenter is my frontrunner with Docsvault coming in second.


Yea, the price on FileCenter is what is giving me pause. If it was under $100, I would probably go ahead and buy it, but at $179, I need to be sure it is what I want.

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OK, I have been testing PageManager. I test these on a VM so that may be some of the issue, but man this thing SLOOOOOW and I haven't even added any documents yet! FileCenter is running on this same VM and is running fine, so it may just be how PageManager is going to be. It's cost looks nice, but other than that, it is not looking good.

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Don't know if it is VM related, but it runs on my desktop without issue?

PageManager is such a clone of PaperPort I am surprised they haven't been

sued. Let me know how FileCenter goes. So far my criticism of PageManager

is that it doesn't have any good built in editing tools that I can locate.


I used the trial of FileCenter for a few minutes and prefer PaperPort overall.

I e-mailed Nuance from my customer account to see if they would do a trial,

let you know if they say yes? I have tried many programs and nothing beats

PaperPort for what I need. It has done better since my system stability improved,

but without a trial I surely understand. I bought my latest version at a major

discount on Newegg so keep an eye out.

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Thanks. I am now playing with Sharepoint to see if it can work, but I am not sure it will be as good as a dedicated document management system. One of the things I like about FileCenter is the separator pages for scanning. What that allows you to do it put a bunch of different stuff in the scanner and the separator pages tell it a new document has started and what to do with that document. For example, I can have a separator page that will tell the system to name the document something and then move it to a specific directory.


You can also have it rename documents based on where you move it.


To tell you the truth, I almost uninstalled FileCenter at first, but after using it a bit, I now see the power of the system. So now, it has come down to the following:


1. FileCenter

2. DocsVault

3. Sharepoint


Still would love to test PaperPort, but unless they let me try it for a while first, it is out of the running. Also, while the VM may be the issue with PageManager, none of the other system I tried on that same VM had any speed issues, and PageManager was really slow.


But, you saying you like PaperPort the best is the exact reason testing first is so important. I think we all have a different way of doing document management and one solution that works for me, may not work for someone else and vice-versa. You really need to give these programs a try before spending too much money.

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Anything that allows me to download pdf's I do that for now. But if not, I am still keeping paper copies. I have just been too cheap to buy a scanner. I will have to monitor this thread to see where it goes.


I would appreciate if people would list what scanner they are using and what they like and dislike about it. I have been looking at the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 but haven't bought it due to the cost .



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I have the ScanSnap S300 (Amazon link). When I bought it from Amazon in 2009, the price was $229. Just looking now, the price is $399. No idea why the price went up so much, but at $399, I would not buy this scanner.


If you looking to spend approx. $400, then the ScanSnap 1500 looks like a good choice. There is also the NeatDesk scanner and software which looks like an interesting choice that may work well for a lot of people.


What I like about my scanner is the size. It is small and takes up very little desk space. Scan speed is decent, but due to it's size, it doesn't always handle long pages very well and needs help. If I was buying new today, the ScanSnap 1500 would most likely be my first choice.

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For now I use the BulletScan S300, which is a near clone of the Visioneer Strobe 500.

Once you use a dedicated scanner you will hate your all in one. I also have the

portable version, NeatReceipts, of the NeatDesk product from Neatco. Here are some of

my impressions:


1. The Mac version of Neatdesk is pretty decent, the Windows version has an odd filing system.

I can however use the portable scanner under Windows and Mac with other software. Don't know

if this holds true for their desktop scanner.


2. The ScanSnap has the best reputation of most scanners, but I think it only works with their

software which is a no go for me.


3. My S300 has a quirky interface to go with PageManager which is included, but it produces

good results and is very fast


BTW Geek-Accountant, Nuance said refund only, no trials.

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awraynor, my scanner is not a all-in-one, or where you talking to ITTOG?


To bad on PaperPort.


You bring up a great point that I have not run into yet, but will very soon. The ScanSnap scanners are not TWAIN compliant, which is going to be an issue for me. Looks like I may need to buy a new scanner. Dang!

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