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Remote Access and Console Connectivity Issues


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Just wanted to post here quickly to confirm if anyone else has been having issues with remote access connectivity and local console connectivity the last week or so?


HP EX 495 with WHS V1. No major system changes in the last few months - it's been running great in set it and forget it mode and I haven't had time to play around with it much.


Remote Access (offsite via xyz.homeserver.com): I can log into my WHS remote domain just fine (Via the HP remote portal I have access to file shares, etcfor my WHS...) Clicking on computer access gets me to the actual WHS remote login page just fine. Finally, clicking on Computers tab and then "Connect to your home server" brings me to the server password dialog box and then the RDP confirmation (printers / clipboard) dialog. It's at this point that it craps out. The screen is the standard blue remote RDP screen with Connected to: MyWHSName and a Disconnect button, but the blue screen area below is blanked out and the Console never comes up. After about a minute it defaults back to the WHS screen with Home, Computers, and Shared Folders tabs....


Local Console connectivity--- Similarly here, it seems that I am regularly losing WHS connectivity in my system tray icon. (Grayed out). This is the same across multiple computers. At the same time however, my shared folders remain up and accessible via the Network explorer panel or as mapped drive letters. I have been able to log on through the console within the first several minutes that the system is up... but within hours the consold goes gray again. It seems the only way to remedy this when it happens is to go to the basement and do a semi-graceful shutdown by holding down the power button. I haven't lost data yet, but ever time I do this, it scares the heck out of me.


As noted above, absolutely no changes of late to the system -- other than MS Updates I suppose, but I would think if MS broke anything with a patch release, I'd have found other problem reports here when I searched the site.


I'm assuming this is a console or RDP corruption of some type. Is there anyway for me to reinstall the console? Any other ideas?


Thanks in advance.



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For some reason, I've never been able to get the remote access to console working reliably. So I just decided 'screw it' and enabled rdp access to the server. That never fails to work.

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