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Finally, its all together! DIY WHS build


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Finally settled on an enclosure for my WHS.

Here is my final parts list and approximate prices:

$30 : Sempron 140 2.7ghz
$40 : 2 gigs ddr2 ram
$60 : biostar 790gx with 6 onboard sata
$40 : enermax 80+ psu
$120 : Cooler Master 590 with (2) 4 to 3 drive bays.
$540 : (6) 1.5TB FE2 Samsung Drives 5400 rpm

Power wise it idles at 55 watts with no drive activity and around 85 watts when the drives are going. I also have the cpu overclocked to 3.7ghz at default voltage to get some extra umph when needed.

There is still room for 6 more hard drives for the future.

Some pics of the final build and performance.

Reading 4.5GB file from server.

Writing 4.5GB file to server.





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NICE! Good job on the wiring. My builds always look like the rats got to them even when they are brand spanking new. Yeesh! Gotta love that new build look before the millions of dust mites find their nice warm home. :-)

I really like that case, $120 for the whole sha-bang (4 to 3 included)? I might need a WHS upgrade soon... maybe when the new WHS is realeased (I can dream can't I?)

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Yes, 3 120 fans on the front. Each 4 in 3 hard drive cage has 1 fan attached to it (link for cage). The loudest part of the system is currently the cpu cooler.

BigSpender, yes the case and 2 extra 4 in 3's came out to 120. These are not hot swap btw.

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cookiepuss, how do I link pictures to the thread. I am going to post my home build soon and thought I would put the pictures in the post as you have.

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If you look at the source for this web page; [in IE -->View --> Source] you will see the trick he used. which is simply using another web site that stores the picture and he linked to the source.

When creating a message on this web site click on IMG (just above the reply box); enter the location of your pictures which are available via the web In this example "http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40998/G-Nas%20WHS/4gigwhsread.jpg

the picture above is taken from this location

and voila, you have picture in your description. In this case he is using a dropbox account/location.


and linking it in..Hope this helps.


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