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Dashboard not displaying anything


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I'd chalk it up to a flaky install.


Ya, I think this may be right. As I said before, WHS works perfectly most of the time, but then every so often I get odd behaviour - like this error. I should have wiped it ages ago, but once it's working you don't want to mess with it.

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My server has 2 nic ports on the motherboard with one cabled plugged in originally. ( now both are connected and I played with teaming for a while)


I've had this happen to my server when I accidentally swapped the network cable into the other nic port. The clients were talking to the server, but the dashboard would not show any computers etc.

Plugged the network cable back in the correct nic port, then the dashboard worked again.


Make sure you have a fixed ip address for the server, and the address is the same one you used to instal whs2011. I think whs2011 somehow bounds the dashboard to the installed ip address of the server. If the ip changes, or it cannot loop back to the ip address you may get the dashboard disappearing.



I am having this issue too and I also have a dual nic and it never even occurred to me that switching the nic cables would cause something like this. Tinkering with it now to try and resolve.



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