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Chenbro es34069 Question


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I recently built a new WHS2011 system using a Gigabyte D525 board using a Apex MI-008 case (I know that it might be a bit underpowered but my WHS1 was a 2.8 Hypertheaded P4 so is actually a bit of an increase.) Now that I have my server up and running happily I am looking at my next project which will include either be going to a more powerful board/proc for the home server or a second of these boards.


What I am looking to do is to build an iSCSI NAS using openfiler on a usb stick (have built a couple of these at work for disk based backup) while another Apex case would work after I hearing this weeks show the thought of a simple front load system sounds intreging. Browsing the net I ran across the es34069 which would be fairly nice. Does anyone have any experiance with this case. My other option will probably be an modifying an Antec 300 gamer case with a Icy Dock 4 in 3 so that one enclosure will house both the WHS and the OpenFiler iSCSI.

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