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why are you investigating RAID for whs 2011?


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In all seriousness, I was/am strongly considering a pair of the Momentus XTs for my Server2K8 OS volume and .vhd storage. They've had good real world use reviews in server functionality at storagereview.com and Tom's. Other than being Seagate, which worries me the past 3-4 years, why do you dislike these particular drives?

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Its a stupid concept and I refuse to swallow it. It makes no sense to me there isn't enough usable Nand to do jack $#!t with and the rest of the drive is slow. If you want a small fast drive get a VelociRaptor. The Camry gets good reviews but I still this its a crap car. Victim of too many compromises. I just don't like the notion of "well we need a product to bridge the gap between SSDs and our other slow crap". If you want SSD performance get an SSD if you want storage buy a spindle. If you want both buy one of each.


On another note I use a 320GB 2.5" HDD for my WS2K8R2 box and the VMs are on a 300GB VR. I've tested quite a few drives and the VRs are pretty much top dog for IOPS without going to SSDs. With a VM the HDD throughput is what you'll feel the most.

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I stopped using Seagate several years ago after two drives failed within a month of purchase. I have been using WD Green drives for several years without any issue.

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I'm not sure if your asking the worst green drive or the worst drive overall?

IMO the worst drive out there is the Seagate Momentus XT ST93205620AS

For green drives I would buy any brand before I bought another seagate

Ironically I my fav enterprise drives are Seagate 15k Cheetahs

Overall I use WD the most. I've been using them in home systems exclusively since I had my 3x 36GB RAID 0 Raptors.



I was talking overall. Funny you mention the Seagate Momentus. I thought about using two of them for my Server 2008 R2 build I was going to do (similar to yours). I backed out in the end and chose black caviar drives.


I use WD the least because they are the only drive I have ever had fail. I currently buy Hitachi the most but since WD bought them I may have to switch to Samsung or Seagate.

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