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Remote Access with 2011 and V1


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I was wondering if anyone has 2011 and V1 with remote access enabled on the same network. I have two different domain address, one for V1 and one for 2011.

No matter with domain address I use, I only get the V1 remote screen.





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I did this by changing the ports on the V1 box. I changed http from 80 to 8080 and SSL form 443 to 8081 in IIS manager. Changed ports appropriately in windows firewall and then created Nat forwarding rules for the new ports and sites now work. I am not forwarding 4125 (I think that is the right port) for remote control through web app.

Just append :8080 to the end of your domain to access the new address. http://example.homeserver.com:8080


I think has actually been talked about on a few of the podcasts before, but I couldn't tell you which episodes exactly.


There might be better ways to do this, but I don't plan on keeping the V1 box up much longer and did not want to start changing/breaking things on the 2011 box, so I took a chance with the V1.

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That's how it's done so you only need one physical external IP address. Just add those newly created ports to the Port Forwarding Rules in the router and give DHCP Reservations to both servers to match the rules. TURN off UPnP !!

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