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Conflict Resolver a new Addin, still needs some work, but a neat idea.


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anybody check out this addin ?
there is also a forum to contribute to it's development,

I'm having the corrupt files issue as everyone else. I hope this gets resolved.

John (homeservershow).

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The warnings on the add-in convinced me not to try this in a production environment. It might be a great utility but I figured I would let everyone else test it a bit first!

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Using my old frankenbuild, I also tried this addin. It mistakenly reported corruption of all the files in my movie folder (folder of vob's). In fact, the movies are fine. I also tried the 'Rebalancer' but it didn't do a thing. How do I know? I was monitoring disk activity via Disk Management. Also the %'s didn't change.

Speaking of drive balancing: I recently had a situation where I had replaced the system drive, performed a Factory Reset, and reimported all my backups. The result was a system drive with 1% and an additional storage pool drive having 85%. Yikes! So I tried the stand-alone utility called 'Drive Balancer'. I followed the instructions, paying particular attention to the UPDATED NOTE in the reademe.txt, then set it to work. It finished after an hour or so, and the drives were balanced - 34% and 35%. Wow! Very nice.

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