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I run it both on my Home Server (where the storage is) and my Desktop (where I actually do all the transfers). Only been testing it this way for a couple weeks, but no real problems having it in both places.

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Thank you IndyLux and Jim for taking the time to reply,

I do appreciate that some of you are running the application as a 'hack' install, but, like many others here (no doubt) who have their precious data stored only on their WHSs, I am not about to risk that data to some beta software (and for a system for which is not designed).

Don't get me wrong - I am thrilled there's a community of officianoda geeks (thank you!) out there blazing a path for the WHS community [and La Cie I shouldn't point out], but I have neither a test rig nor test data with which I am willing to take that risk. If I did, I'd probably be doing the same .. unfortunately, WHSs have only just landed here in Australia, so we are on our very first generation.

Jim, I am confused as to your reasoning for running it on both your WHS and Desktop - isn't all your data on your WHS? .. and isn't the WHS also able to do transfers? I mean, aren't you just bogging down your desktop? Considering how greedy Java apps can be, I am surprised you haven't just delegated the Wuala tasks to you WHS. I do recall however you mentioning on a recent HSS Podcast that you has Wuala on a test rig - is the clue?

My thanks again to all you pioneers of new WHS frontiers!

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Wuala on my ex470 is using 50MB of RAM out of my 2GB. Not a problem. It seems to behave pretty well too. I'm up to 93GB of shared space. I have no problem running it on my WHS now, although I'd still much rather have a native add-in version or even one that isn't built on Java.

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Just an FYI for those getting very frequent "File Conflict" Warnings reported through your Console. (and through the WHS Health Add-in report and automated emails from Remote Notification Add-In for those using those add-ins as I am)

My original Wuala setup had Waula's Cache-Data space poiting to an 'official' WHS Shared folder (one which was set up though the WHS console -- folder duplication = off). Technically, on my HP EX495 this share was located at: d:\\shares\Wualashare and I pointed Wuala to this location using the direct address (d:\\...).

Using this setup, I was constantly getting the Warnings noted above. (easily 5-10 or more Warning / Cleared Warning notices a day). Clearly, these warnings were related to something WHS is doing b/c of the status of my Wualashare location as a shared folder and Wuala's contant access to those files. I assume it might be related to storage balancing where WHS wants to move certain files / fragments and cannot due to Wuala having the file open for access???).

Yesterday, I 'moved' the cache-data folder location within Wuala and all Warnings have stopped. My steps. Log into WHS via RDP....

1. Stop Wuala from running.
2. Copy d:\\shares\wualashare to temporary folder at d:\\shares\wualatemp (This step is only needed if you want to maintain all of our previously stored Wuala data from other Wuala users -- your traded storage)
3. Used file explorer to create a new folder at d:\shares\wualashare2. I DID NOT make this a shared folder under windows.
4. Restart Wuala
5. Under Wuala's options dialog box, change the data-cache folder location to d:\shares\wualashare2. Wuala will do some work then inform you that Wuala must be restarted for the changes to take effect. OK. (I'm sure this can be located elsewhere under D:\, but so far there seems to be no issue with having this co-located under d:\\shares\ with all of my other true shared folders)
6. Restart Wuala (if it does not automatically -- I can't remember)
7. Use WHS Console to delete the Wualashare shared folder (d:\shares\wualashare)

The following steps are only needed if you did step #2 above to maintain your current traded storage data...

7. Exit Wuala
8. Delete contents of d:\\shares\Wualashare2 (created by Wuala when you moved the data-cache location)
9. Copy contents of d:\\shares\wualatemp into d:\\shares\wualashare2 (wait until copy is completed)
10. restart Wuala

That's it. My file conflict warnings have stopped. I did not lose my traded storage credit. I'm a more happy camper slowly working my way up to 100% uptime and passing 22GB earned storage as we speak.

Note: I am NOT a WHS expert by any stretch. So I'm making some major assumptions about how the d:\shares\ folders work. If anyone thinks I might mess up my machine / WHS by doing it this way, I'm happy to listen. I know the pooled "D:\\" drive (3 physical drives) works very differently than if this was just a single physical drive and I really don't want to mess anything up.

I had an communication earlier in this thread discussing how to map the Wuala files directly to a single physical drive by pointing Wuala to c:\\fs\[driveX] for the data-cache location, but I was less comfortable with that approach than with doing this the way I did.

Hope I'm not providing any 'bad help' here. If so, please let me know and I'll edit accordingly. Any other advice or thoughts on this matter would be appreciated.

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you dont have to do all of that, just point in wuala where you want the file to go and it will automatically create the directory, and move the files. Basically go to #5 directly on your instructions.

I also mentioned this on the last page for you :)

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Sorry I missed that. I do appreciate the help (and usually try to NOT recreate the wheel).

Anyway, I thought I had seen the istructions to copy in the Wuala forum. Anyway, my mistake. Thanks for the correction.

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Windows update / reboot last night. For those of us not using auto-admin-login, make sure you RDP into WHS and restart Wuala!!! My Wuala install's uptime lost 8 hours last night after the M$ update reboot.

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Got that. Just wanted to warn others who were on the boards yesterday but who hadn't yet logged into their servers... (and re-started their Wuala's...)

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