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1/ It's primarily HP and the other OEM's that don't want you to install other software. Most add-ins can't mess up the OS as easily as a regular program is, so they want to recommend you don't mess up your rig. There's nothing wrong with doing it though.

2/ Yeah, just create a share. I have my Wuala pointed to D:\Shares\Wuala. Just make sure that you have that share not duplicated. No sense wasting space.

One other thing that I discovered with Chris the other day is that Wuala can only run one instance. So if you have the machine set to auto login, and you RDP into it, you won't be able to see the manager without switching to the other session (task manager->users->connect).

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I have Wuala using network addresses (ie \\server\music etc) and it works fine.

On another note, anyone getting 'file conflict' errors with Wuala files?

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Yup, I get the errors all the time. I just ignore them. Still a pain.

That's a good point about the network addresses. I assumed he was talking about the local for the local cache, not the personal files you have backed up on Wuala.

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Yes that would work, but I have found another way to do it without having to lose a drive from the pool. This method also does not give you conflict errors which is nice.

My WHS install is located on Physical Drive 0 and this should be the case for most people. So I wanted any cache data to only be on this drive, since the OS would most likely keep activity on the drive anyways. But if your OS drive is small in size, you may want to choose a different drive to store the cache on.

Now the way WHS works with Drive Extender is that it creates these virtual points on the C:\fs location that corresponds to each physical hard drive in your pool. So if you go to C:\FS you will notice a folder for each drive you have installed in your WHS pool. They normally have a number or letter name, ex. A, B, 1, 12, etc...

Now if you make a folder under one of these folders, ex. C:\FS\A\WualaCache, the files will be kept on the corresponding drive strictly. Demigrator will not have any effect on the files stored here as well, so no file conflicts will show up. For maximum effectiveness, you should find the folder that corresponds to your OS drive but any virtual point would work.

Like I mentioned on my last post however, if you only have 1 or 2 drives in your system, this is not needed. But for me, figuring this out has been great as keeping 5 drives in sleep mode gives a good amount energy savings. My system takes up around 55 watts when all drives are sleeping, and 85-90 when they are all going.

I should have probably created a new thread for this, lol.

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Thanks everyone. I'm officially set up and running. As of now, I have not set up the auto-login yet, but each time I go to Console --> Desktop, I'm still seeing the W logo in the sys tray. I guess I'm only at risk of it not starting up after Windows Update initiated reboots. It also looks like I have about 100 MB or so of my 1.1 TB free shared out to the world. Thanks for all the advice. For now, I just created a standard share and I'm pointing to d:\shares\wualashare for the cache and shared data store.

I have one final (for now) question. In setting my ul and dl speeds, I beleive the major speed tests sites (speedtest.net, dslreports, etc...) all report back in mbps. In my case, I have about 8-10 mpbs down and 3.5 mbps up. Does Wuala want these numbers (just shy) or do they want it in MB/s which I would imagine would by the speedtest.net reported value divided by 8 to get from bits to bytes?

Thanks again.

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I'm pretty sure they are quoting in bits, so you are fine.
When you remote into the server, is it creating a new session, or are you resuming an existing? Do you log out when you close the remote connection, or just hit the X on it?

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Thanks again for the reply. Yeah, I didn't think little b versus big B meant as much these days as it did years ago, but I wasn't sure. I am pretty certain that bandwidth is measured and reported in bits (as you said). I'm going to make a quick post on the Wuala forums just to clarify. I'll post the response here.

Generally, I'm not logging out of the session (I don't think). When I'm at home, I RDP using the Console and then use the advanced admin add-in to get to desktop and go from there as if it were just any other windows desktop. This is where I see the W icon in the sys tray. From there I think I usually just X out of the Console RDP window. Should I not be doing this?

Regarding auto-admin-logon, it's one solution also mentioned on the Waula forum. Two others suggested, but not confirmed as working are: (a) Using an add-in called AnyServiceInstaller which has the ability to run any app as a service or (B) using the functionality of AdminiMe to run Waula automatically on reboot (I don't have AdminiMe yet so I can't confirm if this is even a feature. Someone had mentioned it on the Wuala msg boards) I'm just wondering if either of these might be more 'secure' than putting your server login name and password into the registry.

I guess the main point here is that these 'issues' (based on Wuala not running as a service, not allowing multiple sessions, requiring this ghost-session log in) are all indications that Wuala isn't quite ready for prime-time on WHS yet.... weird too if it's going to ship on the next bunch of LaCie servers.

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My first post here. Thanks for the info on this awesome program/service. Installed about 14 hours ago and i'm up to 6.3 GB! Can't wait to buy a home server soon to put this on as well.

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Hi All,

Wuala has great potential, but not as a desktop client - as a WHS add-in. I can't believe that we're in a Home Server Show forum and not actively pushing Wuala to build an add-in to run natively on WHS. I mean, why add yet another running task to your desktop machine, when you can centralise the process on your idle (and spacious!) WHS?! - I mean, it's perfect.

I recently emailed Wuala support about this. Their response (from Bernd) was as follows:

This time, Windows Home Server is not officially supported.
However, the standard client should work on your Windows Home Server too. Please have a look at this thread in our forum

Run an unsupported application by hacking it into WHS? .. on a mission critical box? Yeah right, as if! :-/

If you agree that Wuala belongs on the WHS (via a supported and fully tested WHS add-in) and not our desktops, then please voice your concern in an email to Wuala Support (support@wuala.com), and also CC your email to info@wuala.com for good measure.

United we stand!

Juzzle out

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Hi Juzzle,

The Home Server Show team talked with Lacie directly about this at CES. They own Wuala and are building it in as a feature (and specifically as an Add-In) to their new high end WHS box. We don't yet know if they'll make it available to the rest of us, but it is being made, they just haven't released it.

Second, most all of us ARE running Wuala directly on our servers and not on the desktop as you thought. It is not ideal and we would all love to see this become an add-in, but so far, it's been really stable and a great addition to the home server.

Keep posting your thoughts here though as Lacie is listening (they read our forums) and will hopefully make integrating WHS and Wuala a reality in the near future.

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