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That should be a fairly straightforward answer. Power usage is going to depend on what programs/processes are running. If being logged in causes more programs to run, then in theory you are going to be using more power.
The other issue you run into is if logging in prevents the hard drives or something else to go into low-power mode.

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Remember once again, I think by default wuala stores the cache files on c:\

You will want to change this location if you plan to share more space.

The options to move the cache location is in the settings menu.

If you have space on your main disk partition, put it there.

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AJ - I get about 3 or 4 up here in Omaha on Cox. I moving about 5GB up right now and just set the throttle speed to 500KB. Monitoring the progress, I am getting between 50KB and 250KB up. If you click on the up arrow at the bottom left side of the window, it will show you the progress of the individual files. That was new to me.

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