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punk :P. I wonder if it's possible to reach 100%. I also wonder how it calculates. My computer has been on 24/7 since it was installed. You'd think it would start at 100% and decrease whenever the computer wasn't on, instead of working its way up.
/me goes to do more research.

"When you start, your average uptime is estimated to be 10% and then adjusted daily. When permanently online, you should see a daily increase of about 3%. However, as your uptime climbs up, it gets harder to further increase it. Please note that uptime online counts if your internet connection allows for trading storage." per http://www.wuala.com/en/support/faq/c/19#id001902

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Well I did some math (myself, not using Wolfram). Assuming the number they give of 3%/day is exact, if we extrapolate that you go from 10% to 13% in the first 24 hours of solid uptime, then it is as if you start with your history showing 2.9 days of uptime in 29 total days. So thus you will always have a 26.1 hours of non-uptime in your history. Again, with more extrapolation, here is the percentages (Y) that you should see after X number of days Y=(2.9+X)/(29+X):
0=10.0% 1=13.0% 2=15.8% 7=27.5% 30=55.8% 60=70.7% 90=78.1% 180=87.5% 365=93.4% 730=96.6% 1095=97.7% 1825=98.6%

If anyone's interested, that is. Again, large assumptions on the actual number.

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Hey Mike! Welcome. First off, I've always pronounced it like Lay-see. Oops.
Secondly, would you care to share the formula that is used to determine the uptime? I'm curious to see how it works.

EDIT: my reading comprehension sucks

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Hey Mike - Welcome as well and thanks for joining us. Thanks again for the interview at CES. I think the listeners really enjoyed it.

BTW...62.39% with 28 GB total. @ 30 GB I can back up all my music. Hosting 4.2 GB of data.

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That's a good question. On my WHS, it shows up in the Startup folder, and it is not listed in the services.msc
I have my server set to autologin for Zune to work properly, so it always runs.

That's a really great question!

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