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Ok, referring to my earlier posts about the Trade Storage tab. It wasn't the UPNP at all. When I'm working on my PC, uploading youtubes, posts, etc., I was pausing download and upload. That caused the tick mark to disappear from the Trade Storage tab.

I'm up to 7.7Gb tonight though.

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For some reason, it's not showing the window in Mesh. Anyone else having that trouble. I use Mesh 100% of the time since i have the Zune software installed, but it seems like I have to use Remote Desktop to manage Wuala. Interesting.

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Well it seems to load fine now. I don't know if I just didn't give it enough time, or it had to be run for the first time in RDP. Very curious. While in Mesh, it acted like it was working, the program showed up in the task bar and I could maximize and restore and all that fun stuff, but there was nothing on the screen. I don't know if it was a java problem. Like I said, I've never had Java on there before.

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AJ - I had trouble with it thru Mesh as well. RDP works much better in my testing. So the problem I am seeing is that I click on the short cut and nothing shows up, for a long time. Funny thing is then I go back to the RDP session, the Wuala windows are open there. Mesh also seems very slow now after using RDP. It did eventually open the window in mesh. Very curious results.

Oh, and 7.7 GB of storage and growing.

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It creates what looks like a mapped network drive(defaults to the W: drive). Handy if you want to use file explorer to interact with your cloud storage instead of the the java app.

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