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Got a message from Vin today on Wuala. I thought I would give you guys first dibs since I haven't run it in a while.

I have started looking at using Wuala based on listening to you guys! However, I am curious as to how secure it is! I am uploading some photos now (no secrets in there) but was wondering how secure the "tool" is and am unsure if I should be putting personal documents up there. It is currently "encrypting" my files. How? What are the keys? Who knows them? How secure should I feel? Should I trust this? Sorry to sound so paranoid but I work in IT and am always "thinking" about these sort of questions!! Love the show - keeps me going on the tram to work! Vin.

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Hmm who's Vin?

The answer to his question is in their FAQ, which I will summarize from my memory (as I also wondered about this some time back). Your encryption key is autogenerated by the client, then encrypted using your account password and sent to the Wuala servers for storage. This is how you can access your encrypted files from other machines without having to bring your keys with you. Your password is never sent to the servers apparently, so effectively nobody has the unencrypted key except you.

I think that's all... did I miss anything?

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Hi Guys - Thanks for that prompt response. Gives me more confidence to use the product.

I'll come straight here in future rather than bothering David when he's got the podcasts to do.


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