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I put this post up today on the blog.

In episode 72 of the Home Server Show we talked with Mike Mihalik of LaCie about their new Windows Home Server and a file storage service called wuala. Mike gave us a great description of the service so you should go and listen to that podcast but here is a little bit about wuala.

Harnessing idle resources
Wuala users can choose to contribute idle resources to Wuala. In addition to servers, Wuala can harness these resources. The data is first encrypted and then split into fragments which are redundantly stored on our servers and in the grid network. When you access a file, Wuala simultaneously downloads as many of these fragments as it can from the grid storage and optionally takes the remaining ones from our servers. This allows us to save costs for downloads (bandwidth, electrical power) and to provide a better service for free including many advantages for our users (unlimited traffic, no file size limits, fast downloads, etc.). Our redundant and robust server infrastructure guarantees that your files are always available.

Once you are up and running you can invite friends to sign up and it will increase your storage limits. Wuala also sells additional storage if you should need it.

John, Jim, Chris, and Dave have recently started using the service and would like to invite you to try it out as well. I would like to see the Home Server Show community test this out and hit the forums.


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Dave - I just noticed that the storage credit that you get for referring friends (I think they limit that to 5 GB total) is tracked in the purchased storage section and expires after one year. Not a major concern, but something for everyone to be aware of as they try it.

I also suspect that some part or all of the file is stored locally in the cache for some length of time and that it will look there first when a file request is made. This may give the impression of super fast download speeds when it's really still local. We will want to look at that as well.

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Mine is still going strong. I'm up to 36.29% Online Time and 8.3 Gigs of storage. It's slow and steady, but my storage pool seems to be growing nicely. You guys see any new numbers today?

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I'm at 6.8GB this morning. My Trade Storage keeps unchecking itself when I click it. Wonder if that is due to not having UPNP running on my router. I hard mapped the ports to my WHS and turned it off a while back. I kept getting annoying messages that Remote was not working when everything was fine. I may turn it back on and see if it helps.

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I enabled UPNP again and that fixed the wuala Trade Storage issue. I'm up to 7.3Gb and still uploading my bits to....somewhere!

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I wrote a giant post about Wuala a while ago over in the Offsite Online Backups? thread. Have been using it since then and absolutely love it. I currently have 133GB earned and all for free.

Now with Fios giving users 25/25 connections, Wuala is absolutely the fastest way to backup your data offsite for people with good upload speeds.

One thing to watch out for. Make sure you put the cache files on the right drive on the server. Originally I was using a small low power drive for my system drive, and with Wuala using 100gb's worth, filled up the drive.

I havent heard the podcast yet, but perhaps you guys can start a homeservershow group! Thats one part of the feature I have not tried at all and would love to see how it works.

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Blast, you have to install Java. I have intentionally not installed Java on my HWS because I strongly dislike Java and feel it is really bloated. I guess I'll have to mull over whether my dislike for Java supercedes my desire to play with this and use it to backup my files.

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Holy Smokes CookiePuss. We all owe you an apology. We pretty much posted right after your wuala post and never tried it out.

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