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Well like everyone I have been really thinking about my WHS2011 build and have an E6700 that someone gave me.

Will this CPU be enough to run a WHS2011 without problem? As I don't have a Motherboard I’m not sure if it's worth building around this CPU or just move all the way up to the new Sandybridge stuff.


I would like to be able maybe run in VM but does not have to.

With everyone around here having new portable devices I would really like to see what type of transcoding on the fly can be done. This is the part the worries me.


For me putting a little extra now just so I don't have to replace things later after more and more date is on it would be better as the more date I collect the harder it is to be fully backed up for videos and stuff all critical data ia always safe


Also I would like to have USB3 but I could just add a card for under $30 for this part of the build.


My current WHSv1 is build on an E5200 and have not really had any problems


Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions

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If all you have is the CPU, then I'd set it aside and start from scratch. If you have a MicroCenter nearby, they have a great deal on a new SandyBridge Core i3 and a free motherboard. The reason I say this is a Home Server will be a longtime product in your home. If you need to fix something or replace a part, you're better off starting with current mainstream components.

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Guest no-control

start from scratch:


  1. You'll spend more buying old components vs. buying new
  2. Servers (usually) are long term products and as such are easier to upgrade and repair with newer parts that have a longer time before being replaced
  3. New parts have warranties
  4. The i3 will spank any C2D and do it cooler, quieter and use less power

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