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Core i3 2100 and free MSI H61M-E33 mobo for $99 @ Microcenter (in-store)

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Geez, why would you do that when you could get just the CPU for $139? Are you anti-free market?


(Here is where I add obligatory //CAUTION - SARCASM INCLUDED// so cskenney doesn't slap me.)


We seriously need to create a microcenter run group where we can store cash in escrow and someone local to a Microcenter can get us the deal.

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I work 10 min from the one in Dallas (actually work nearby or drive by Frys's, CompUSA, Altex, and Microcenter, plus our Cali plant is next to the Newegg will call pickup center)

With all that I still get 95% of my stuff from online from New Egg, Buy, Amazon or Mwave.


However if there is ever something on sale that you need picked up send me a note I can buy and then ship to you once the money in hand (will even send a photo of the gear with the receipt so you can drool.

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