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I am considering a KVM switch for use with 2 separate PC's

while using the same monitor, with wireless keyboard and

mouse. I tried this many years ago, but the wireless combo

presented a problem. It is a faithful logitech model with

PS2/USB port connections.

A quick search for DVI compatible KVM's found them to be very

expensive. Is there a reasonably priced KVM that will work with

my DVI monitor that also has audio sharing?

I could buy a new wireless keyboard/mouse if necessary?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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So far the cheapest has been about $90 and that also

means a new keyboard and mouse. My current one is

over 10 years old, but it works great, but do what I

have to do. I really don't want a dual monitor setup.

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Are both PC's running Windows? You could just run one of the PCs headless and use Remote Desktop to switch back and forth.

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Guest no-control

you can try synergy I've never used it but I've heard decent things about it.


nvrmd - just realized it still needs a monitor on each.

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I use Avocent....not cheap but it does work and will allow you to run three monitors from two systems or the plain one to one setup. Currently using the 4 port model.

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It will be one Mac Desktop and one multiboot Windows system.

Wow, it looks like it would be much cheaper to buy a second

monitor than one of those Avocent switches.

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