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Thoughts on vPro/AMT for WHS build?


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I currently don't have a home server but use my main desktop for lots of things like recording TV, streaming audio to my phone, torrents, recording internet radio, etc... I often have to remote in to change something, start a unscheduled event/recording, fix an issue. While this is usually not a problem there have been times when I was unable to remote in due to a frozen process or some other error. Luckily, my computer has vPro and I can just login to the AMT web server that runs out of band (OOB) on the chipset and simply power cycle the computer in order to recover. It's been a life saver at times. Intel's latest vPro version even includes OOB VNC access. While this is absolutely intriguing, it does limit the motherboard options.


As I look into building my own home server I wonder what you guys think about this capability with regards to building a home server that can be recovered/accessed/diagnosed/BIOS access remotely no matter what's going on as long as your home's power isn't off or your internet connection at the ISP level isn't down.

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