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Podcast 127, What do you think ?


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This week we will be announcing a brand new Add-In for Windows Home Server version 1 as well as discussing the week’s news and the Synology DS211+ review. It’s also the last chance you have to win a 4 bay Drobo so you better listen up! There is a lot of good conversation in this one. Enjoy.


KeepVault Features

Cloudberry vs. KeepVault

Antivirus for Windows Home Server 2011

Build a super router with unTangle and pfSense

StableBit DrivePool Technical Overview

Drive bender interview


Icy Dock MB973sp-B Trayless 3-in-2


Icy Dock MB974sp-B Trayless 4-in-3

MyMovies 4 Pre-Release information

MyMovies Points = Dollars

Advanced format drive issue


Samsung denies 4TB Drive


Remote Alert 1.5


Dave’s unhealthy disk thread


Sans Digital 24 Bay Unit


What do you think of this weeks podcast ?

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Hey guys, good job again for this week.


About the Antivirus part, I'm using ClamWin on my WHS v1 PP3, I've been trying the clamwin add-in which allow you to update, scan, consult logs. It's not essential, but Clamwin works pretty fine and is light.


PS: you can add somme antispyware module, I did once, I don't remember the name.


Anyway, pretty good experience on Clamwin.


As for the corporate side of anitvirus, at work I'm using Kaspersky AV for Servers (not the enterprise). It's pretty cool, run smoothly, just a down side with some NAP issues but should be ok on a SBS or WHS.


There you go, you know as much as I do on this...

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Great show and great job Jim, John and Dave. Enjoyed it. THe issue is still that there are no actual AV program released for 2011. Most I have tried are killing the media library via remote access. Nice show guys and good topics.

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