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Making Customized Movie Intros with Vipid.com


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I wanted to share this site with everyone where you can make your own customized Movie Intros. The site is called Vipid.com.


I have posted some examples below that I have created using the site. These samples are 1080p. Vipid allows 1 low res intro a week to be created as a trial basis.

For the higher res intros you have to pony up some cash. There prices are on the site.


The intros are very cool and add that custom touch to your Home Theater setup. MyMovies allows you to insert the intros before your movie rips are played, but at this point it works hit or miss.

I am hoping MM4 fixes this glitch. I cant swear to it but I think Media Browser also lets you add intros.

They don't have All the studios , but they are adding more all the time.

Let me know what you think.







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Sweet. The Universal one I'd almost think you could do if you could get the background footage somewhere, but the WB logo and the Pixar animation would be a significant challenge. I'm sure those are some wow-getters if friends see them.

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