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File Name: Transcoder WHS

File Submitter: axoid

File Submitted: 09 Mar 2011

File Updated: 07 Nov 2011

File Category: Axoid's Add-In's

Free or Fee?: FREE


Transcoder WHS is an Windows Home Server ver. 1 add-in that monitors specified folders looking for files to transcode into MP4s.


This add-in uses the Handbrake Command Line Interface encoder for perform the video conversion and needs to be downloaded and installed separately from the add-in.


Click here to download this file

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Hey Axoid,


Quick question. I convert .wtv files to MP4 with MCEBuddy for viewing on the iPad around the house and for copying to the iPad in ZumoCast. Works great for travel. ZumoCast will also stream video from home over 3G but the MP4's are around 600 meg. Can I use Transcode WHS to shrink this a little bit?

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Hi Dave,


The quick answer to your question in maybe. It all depends on the length of the file video, the resolution and quality settings used for the compression.


I haven't used MCEBuddy, but if it only has one or a few settings then it is likely that Handbrake can produce a file of similar or equal quality with a smaller file size. But to do this you'll likely need to experiment with the Handbrake settings to find what works for your scenario.


Sorry I don't have a better answer.

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I was looking around inside MCEBuddy again and found that it will do a second conversion so I chose an iPhone profile. I'll record a few shows and check back!

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I'm fairly new to this, but I believe I have set up all of the program elements correctly. However, when I try to transcode a file, I keep getting the error message "Handbrake failed to create the tmp file".


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance!



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Handbrake is having a problem ether with the parameters that are being passed in or with a folder permissions that is preventing file creation.


The first thing is to try running handbrake manually, the best is in a command line using the same settings that your trying to use in the add-in.

It should give you a better explanation.


If that doesn't help you get anywhere. Try using the handbrake GUI app and try to transcode you video file. Make sure the logging is on.


Once it is complete it will have generated a log file that contains, near the top, the full command that was executed through the command line engine. You can use that to get a good set of parameters, you just need to remove the -i [filename] and -o [filename] parameters and paste the rest into the parameters field in the add-in.

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