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Methods of ripping DVD and Blu-Ray


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I Use DVDFab HD Decrypter.


It's worth downloading the free trial (if you haven't already) to see what works best.


I also use DVD FAB Decrypter - contrary to the implications of a 'free trial' the use of HD Decrypter completly free, unlimited and works great to decrypt and store VOBs on server. I play the VOBs on my DMA 2100 extender (windows media extender). I used to go thru the trouble of renaming to MPGs or MKVs etc and found it to be a waste of time. I also used to use the licenseded features of DVD FAB to burn to a backup DVD (I would reduced from DVD 9 to DVD 5 format). I have since decided to retain the VOBs natively using HD Decrypter. The reason why I retain the larger native size is due to the benefits of HDMI upscaling (video quality is much improved over a standard DVD in a similar fashion to that of what a BlueRay player does.) Many don't realize how easy it is to play a native VOB on an extender and that they can get HDMI upscaling. It does not require any changes other then decryption and one other trick....(hint - store your files in the video library rather than under Movies). Makes your life easy, play your movies in the other room on the other HD set and get all the benefits of playing the actual DVD in the BlueRay. Now if I could only afford to purchase more movies for my library.....

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I use AOA Dvd ripper to convert dvds to a WMV format.


Video quality is not the best though.



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Great thread.


Out of courtesy, I have two devices I use for wireless streaming, one LG Blu-Ray player and a WDLive Box,


what kind of bit rates and resolution are people converting too on the Blu-Ray side for very good quality without stutter.


Also has anyone had any luck converting a Blu-Ray or DVD with multiple audio tracks, like a 5.1 soundtrack and a director commentary


that was playable and selectable on the WDLive.





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My idea is to post quickly on what you use to rip blu ray and DVD's. Leave a post on the software and methods you use.


My ripping setup:


MyMovies w/ AnyDVD on WHS v1 to MPG4 and Video_TS folders



AnyDVD on PC (although never works very well)


AnyDVD-HD with CloneDVD-Mobile as well as DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper => all work is done on my X58 and then moved to shares for storage/playback.

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Hello from a true Newbie...


This thread has been very helpful, thanks to all. I am working on my home media "set-up" and would really like some further advice building on what I read here. I have My Movies on my Windows 7 PC (playing around with it). I use it to copy my Blu Ray disks into ISOs and my DVD into file structure (as recommended by My Movies). All my copies are stored on a NAS (QNAP 659). This all works using AnyDVD and My Movies just fine. To play back on my PC, I use Virtual Clone Drive to mount the ISOs and My Movies for Windows Media Center.


When I play a DVD movie, WMC plays it fine. When I play a BD movie (again, an ISO on my NAS), WMC opens Corel WinDVD to play the movie.


This is all ok with me for my PC. My question is: What are the best methods of replicating all this on my home theater (TV, AV Reciever, etc.) across the house?


I have access to the NAS up there (Apple TV works fine with iTunes). Do I need WHS 2011 on a PC with My Movies and WinDVD installed? Are there set up guide you can recommend to me to do this?


I'd like to continue using my primary PC to copy the disks, store them on my NAS, and organize them with meta data from My Movies if possible. I just need to be able to play them and find them using the My Movies meta data...


Any pointers will be appreciated!

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hi Folks,


I was using AnyDVD HD , but had some issue with it ..could be my level of incompetence :blink:


Am now using Pavtube Blu-Ray Video converter ultimate ...find that this is easy to do conversions to a multitude of file types/codecs ....no fafffing around ..it just works ...for me.


Usually end up with mkv files with full 5.1 DD or DTS sound embedded. Downsize to around the 1.5 gig mark for DVDs and somewhere from 4 to 8 GB for blu-rays. Stored in a Movie sub folder in WHSv1 Video share, with 4 alphabetic sub folders to group a-g, h-m, n-s, t-z.


I run ethernet cable to lounge-room/family room where the TV is and play back via Western Digital WD TV-Live box. ..to either 42inch Plasma or 84inch screen via projector (720 line res) for full cinema experience.




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Films: DVDFab for DVDs, haven't done Blu-Rays yet. Just the main movie, the subtitles and the best 5.1 soundtrack.

TV Shows: DVD Fab to rip to individual vbo files, then renamed to mpg so they're seen as MPEG2 (no transcoding).

For metadata I orignially used My Movies because it was automatic and I had a lot of films to do (~500) but now that's done and because My Movies didn't support TV shows, I use Meta Browser because it gives me more control. And more boxes to fill-in to feed the OCD metadata addiciton I'm developing. Anyone else hate to see an empty gap in their metadata even though the information is useless? Why do I need to know the MPAA rating when I'm in the UK and I have the BBFC rating? I just do! :D

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Wow - three pages in and much less Apple TV love than I would have expected.


DVD's: DVDFab HD Decrypter (Free) --> Handbrake with both 2.0 and 5.1 tracks --> Play on iTunes/AppleTV/4G iPod Touch.

BD's: Not much ripping... waiting for 1080p Apple TV. :-)


iTunes runs on HP laptop; iTunes library file is on the lappy but all the files are on my WHS.

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