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Podcast 126, What do you think ?


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Hi Guys,


This weeks show is a shorter one for a change, Dave's been traveling and we started 1 hour later so we were tired, but wanted to give you your podcast fix for the week.


The news has been plentiful this week including a beta from Stablebit's DE addin. We snagged Mike H.(geek-accountant) from the live ustream chat and he gives out a teaser of an upcoming BYOB podcast featuring his super-router running pfSense and Untangle. Also, don’t forget to get registered for the Drobo giveaway. That’s if you want to see Jim cry when he has to ship it out!


Drobo give-away


Stablebit DrivePool


Stablebit Scanner


Cloudberry 2011 Add-in


KeepVault Version 4 Beta


Asus webstorage 3.0


AWIECO Drive Info


Advanced Admin Console 2011 Beta


Home Server Smart supports USB


Windows Home Server 2011 Email Notifications


Remote Notification Add-In for WHS v1


WHS for Android


Mini v1 Server


Super router pfsense and untangle post in forums


check the blog post for the links. http://homeservershow.com/the-home-server-show-126.html


So what do you think ? Will you give Stablebit a try ?





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With reference to the Certificate Notification now being generated by SP1, why not just install the certificate in the appropriate store and be done with it? The certificate being issued by WHS2011 is good for forty years and you can always remove it before the final version is installed.


I cannot agree with turning off this notification. That's just me.

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Thanks for having me guys, it was a lot of fun, even though I was very nervous :o .


Thanks for the tip on the Android app, I need to give that a try.

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Hey, good job guys.


To add a little experience on Asus Web Storage, I'm using one for my WHS v1 PP3. At first I was desapointed by the Add-in, not very stable. But then I tried the desktop software, a kinda more user friendly version of the backup soft. Works perfectly.

I'm now at 44GB backed up, still got some 120GB to go, but it works without flaw.


The price I paid for a year unlimited storage is 30$. You can use the same 30$ account for an unlimited number of machines. I use it for my WHS, my parents' pc, my sister' pc, that makes 3 "folders" on Asus Web Storage.


You have also some sidekick functions, first of all MEAR which allows you to use an online browser music player or an android app to stream music from the music files in your asus web storage account.

Second is MySyncFolder, which allows you to sync a folder on one computer to all the computers you install asus webstorage on. Pretty cool.


I like my Asus WebStorage, before I was using a bluehost hosting (unlimited space) with some sftp batch. Crap, sounds too much like work. The desktop version of AWS is also pretty cool for a user because it allows them to see the folder dynamicly getting backed up (green dot or rotating arrow on the folders), pretty cool.


So don't take my word for it, there is a free version for 1GB I think, full fonctionalities.


There you go, you know as much as I do on this...

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