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Can not add new drive to pool


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I am unable to get WHS to detect my 1tb drive to install into the drive pool.


The drive is a 1tb seagate which had failed in the homeserver due to the firmware bug BSY. So I had to remove the drive (it was missing) and replaced it with a new disk in whs.


I have since fixed the 1tb seagate drive(new firmware), disk manager on the whs can see the drive but the whs console can not.


I have tried the diskpart fix http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en/whsfaq/thread/4bd53fe3-2beb-432d-9d7b-52a50c607f8f but it did not work.

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@dvn Thanks, the low level format and reboot fixed the problem, would of never guessed to do that. Can't remember last time I had to do a LLF on a disk.

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