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NAS backup options: Is there an affordable tape option?


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Evening all,


So I started out with a cobbled together WHS with Seagate 1gb drives.  Had one fail within a week but thankfully had my data on the original drives.


Tonight my 2yo Truenas with 5x8TB arrays was just restored.  One of my drives tanked.  Thankfully I used RAID-Z2 so I could stand two failed drives, however I'm still wanting a backup solution.  I've never had a tape drive but I'm wondering if this would be a good investment.  If so what drive would you recommend for a home user scenario?  I'd like to avoid drives as I've had to recover someone's backup hard drive that's sat in a closet for years until needed far too many times.  A Tape seems to be the best option other than some cloud backup system.


What say you HSS community? 

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How much data are you planning to backup?


I have thought about using tape but the size of my data >30TB means that I either get a high-capacity but very expensive LTO-8 or LTO-9 tape drive and accompanying tapes, or stick to a cheaper but older standard such as LTO-5 and shuffle tapes.... like a caveman. Or you could get one that has an autoloader (more $$$).


It would probably just be easier to get another NAS (or an old PC running TrueNAS or XPEnology), put redundant inexpensive drives in it, and have it running far away at another family's home (sibling, parents, kids, etc.) All that's needed is a VPN connection between the two homes so your local NAS can backup to the remote NAS at a schedule you desire.


That's what the TheGeekPub did: 


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