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Seeking recommendations for where to purchase extended warrranties


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For the last 3 years I've purchased extended warranties from Upsie, instead of something the agency that purchasing electronics or phones from Amazon. Upsie has been cheaper, and I've been happy with their service.


However, things have changed recently. One of my daughters purchased an iPhone X on Amazon. I bought her a 2-year warranty from Upsie. This was about a month ago. Another daughter has bought the same phone, also from Amazon. I tried to purchase a 2-year extended warranty from Upsie but couldn't. Investigating further I learned that Upsie doesn't do that anymore. Instead, they've gone to a subscription model, where you must pay $10/month. That more than doubles the price to cover the phone for 2 years. At this point it is no longer worth it. I've tried to find an alternative to that, on Amazon, but there's a ton of agencies willing to sell you an extended warranty, but I cannot get a simple, "Will you sell me a 2-year extended warranty on an iPhone X?". I just because I've asked on Amazon. All I get is, "your question didn't receive any answer."


So, where else can I get extended warranties on older iPhones?

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