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Need help with setup: 4x16TB disks AHCI/RAID aaand ?


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Hi guys,


Long story short,

I installed latest Debian yesterday (Debian 11.5), everything looked fine. When I added four 16TB Exos disks, and boot up the server, I heard strange noise like disks were trying to park their heads or something. When I check "lsblk" in Debian, I could see two 16TB disks, and few minutes later only one. 


Also I want to add that I move the first bay slot (bootable) directly to the motherboard and on the free cable from this bay, I connected a SSD for the System. This setup worked flawlessly with two disk for years (SSD on cable from first bay, 2x 1TB disks (first disk connected directly on motherboard and second one on the second cable - second bay)).

No issues at all. So I am wondering why it is not working with four disks. 


Yesterday I also noticed when I check the messages in logs, that it showing something that speed was lowered to 1,5Gbps for SATA 2. But I guess it shouldnt stop the disks to be visible under lsblk right  ?


Ahh, I shouldnt reinstall the old system and instead, I should try just add more disks to see where it moves. That's my bad luck.


Can you guys lead me little bit please ?

or provide some guide how to enable all disks ? 

I am not sure what's my actual setup on the bios, if it is AHCI or RAID, so I think that's the start for me now. 

Meantime can you advice what output would be best to pinpoint the issue ?


Many thanks


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If you are going to let Debian mange your disks you should set the BIOS to AHCI. The SATA connections for bays 1&2 are SATA3 6Gbps, bays 3&4 are SATA2 3Gbps. Did you swap the first bay SATA cable with the fifth SATA port on the system board? Your SSD is on SATA port 1?   

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Hi Schoondoggy,


right my setup is AHCI. Regarding disks, setup is followed:


1st bay (cable) - is separated and connected into SATA SSD disk for system. Rest of the ports:

2-3-4 bays and 5(ODD port) connected to other disks. 



But when I used different disks sometimes, I couldnt see the first slots occupied: https://ibb.co/VCRW5P6

during booting I saw this: https://ibb.co/T05qn1W and as well: https://ibb.co/djmpH4d , but from some reason the system didnt boot up.


As all disks (old and new) were visible in some point all ports should be working as well but not all together, I am starting suspecting the main cable for the all disks. So better start looking for the spare part 😕

Or should be all disks partitioned and formatted before installing ? I guess not, I should be able to see it via lsblk in system, right ?


Many thanks for any help.

I can take pictures from the connection for better understanding if needs. 

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What BIOS version are you using on the MicroServer?

What is the model number of the 16TB drives?

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Hi guys,


I finally found out what's the problem. I've got there one molex cable adapter (1 to 3) and one branch of this cable was not giving enough power, I guess. I played little bit with the cable and when I skipped this branch, and connected another one to power all 4 disks, everything cleared and all disks came visible in BIOS and in the system as well..


So, if I got lucky today, I will buy new molex adapter and replace actual temporary one. 

And server should be set. 


After that I can share my final hw setup to make this Gen 8 server fully usable as we wanted from the box.

(not all of us but I think most of us at least :) )


So thank you very much all you guys for your patience and expressed interest.


great day

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