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Storage performance issue troubleshooting (MSG10+ & HPE E208i-p & ESXi)


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My Microserver gen 8 is reaching retirement age, so I purchased a second hand Microserver Gen 10 plus which also included a dedicated RAID card from HPE (E208i-p).



Installing the custom HPE ESXi image went fine, but when I started the transfer of the virtual machines over the LAN (using SCP), the performance was low and transfer would take several days.



Network performance was the first suspect, so I used Iperf (nice post here) to determine network speed between computer A and B. Speed seemed ok to me (900+ Mbits/sec).


Next was storage performance, so connected through SSH and did some tests to compare A to B:

cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore1
time dd if=/dev/zero of=tempfile bs=8k count=1000000


Result old gen 8:


real    1m 51.08s
user    0m 7.08s
sys     0m 0.00s


Result new gen 10+:


real    10m 17.94s
user    0m 5.65s
sys     0m 0.00s

A 5-6 times reduction in performance.



Is there a storage issue on the Gen 10+. Driver? BIOS setting?


Next I tried several fresh installs (ESXi 6.5, 6.7 and 7.0), hoping some driver had turned bad over time. None seemed to fix it, however.


Since I don't know a lot, I'm hoping some knowledgeable reader can give me a clue where to go next.

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Removed ESXi and installed CentOS 7.0 (without any additional HPE drivers).


Ran same command as before and the result:



43 seconds.


Perhaps there some working Microsemi, Microchip or Adaptec driver for this HPE E208i model/ESXi out there, but how to find?

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