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Corrupted Plex database on Synology


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Anyone ever repair a corrupt Plex database on Synology?


Now that I have my Synology working properly again, I'm finding that my Plex database is corrupted. I'm getting corrupt database errors, and I have the useless "Something went wrong: An unexpected error occurred" message in all my Libraries.


I've updated to the latest version for DSM 7, downloaded from Plex's site. I've done the Optimize and Clean Bundles steps. I've tried downloading the db, and I get a 0 byte zip. The database file, though, is large.


So I figured I'd try Plex's steps to repair the database. Has anyone done this successfully? I'm lost. I can't even find the Plex SQLite shell they're talking about. I've never been a big command line/shell person, so I'm way out of my element here!

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I finally, days later from discovering the issue, figured it out. I SSHed for the first time [really not a command line guy] after a dose of confidence from some good Google hits and YouTube videos. :) Recovered the database using Plex's (actually pretty good) steps.

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