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How To: Videos for SBS 2011


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I watched all of these. I learned a couple of things and I wish that some of the features in SBS Essentials was in WHS such as the user folders and the domain creation and the ability to reset the passwords.

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Thanks Diehard for the information. I watch the videos after this post. I am planning to upgrade my church's WHS v1 to SBS 2011 Essentials. It will help me maintain their 6 Windows 7 Pro computer network (and growing to past 10 computers).

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Does SBS 2011 Essentials have Active Directory? If I was not mistake that is one of the differences between WHS 2011 and SBS 2011 Essentials.

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What does WHS have that SBS not have. I am ok to pay more for SBS, but I do not want to lose the media functionality.


I hope msft did not pull a windows media center xp on us. I had to wait for vista, since I could not use media center on professional.

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SBS is more focused around an office environment, while WHS is more around home and home entertainment.


Both have:

Client Backup, Server Backup

File sharing

Remote access

Network health monitoring


SBS-E has:

Domain Controller (with some restrictions compared to SBS standard or a normal Server 2008R2 DC)

DNS Server (mostly just a requirement of the domain controller)

Different set of default folders


WHS has:

Media Streaming - Windows Media Connect (inside network)

Media Streaming - Silverlight player on RWA site (outside network)



SBS does not have any media streaming functionality, while WHS has much more limited management capability. I know that when you install the SBS connector, it prompts to redirect folders to the server and move your local profile. I am not certain if WHS does the same thing or not, does anyone else know?

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