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Win7--SP1 breaks WHS V1


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Has anyone else noticed that since upgrading to your Windows 7 SP1 version that it breaks the "Remote Access to Windows Home Server Console" capabilities. I have been using the Windows 7 Professional version on my main PC and noticed that since I have upgraded to SP1, I am no longer able to sign-into my Win-7 professional SP1 machine using the "Remote Access to Windows Home Server Console"


Has anybody found a way around this new features of Win-7/SP1 ...? and WHS V1


It now shows up a "Unknown"...





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That would be my guess as well. You might try remote Desk-toping into the PC while in your network and check the do not ask again for this computer box on the certificate error message and see if it will then allow you into that PC outside the network. Just a thought.



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I haven't installed SP1 yet. Definitely won't be doing it now. Seems they have had a lot of problems with this SP.

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Well folks,


The "Fix the Windows Home Server Certificate Revocation Error " is not my issue. What I do is log into my homeserver using the Server Web Site Remote Access option from remote (https://ABCDEFG.homeserver.com ) from there I go onto the TAB-Computers to select the listed computer I want to remotely log-onto. (as per picture in original post above)



But unfortunately I am unable to log on since Win7-SP1 came out and installed. The " http://www.homeserve...vocation-error/ " is not the same error in my mind. That is the error when you want to get in directly using the Remote Desktop connection capability.


or am I the wrong yet again today... :blink:;)


Thank you...

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