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This past weekend we purchased a new laptop at Costco. In this case I also decided to purchase an extended warranty. I've purchased several technical items at Costco over the years, from refrigerators to PC/laptops. Sometimes I get an extended warranty. Whenever I have, it has always been through SquareTrade.


This time it was different. It still said SquareTrade, but is also says, "An Allstate company". I didn't know that Allstate had acquired SquareTrade. And I certainly don't know when that happened. Anyway, I decided to use the email address and password for my account, with SquareTrade, which I have stored in LastPass. SquareTrade/Allstate wouldn't have anything to do with me. It didn't recognize my credentials. I tried calling the 800 number in the extended warranty plan, but that only led to 5 minutes of frustration dealing with an automated system which was determined to misinterpret everything I said, when trying to navigate through the labyrinth it led me on. After 5 minutes when it just became clearer that it was just getting further bizarre, I decided to hang up.


But I've still got questions. Such as, how about the other home accessories I've purchased using the credentials I had with SquareTrade, that are still valid? Is it now, "Too bad, so sad, sucker!" What's happened to my account with SquareTrade, now Allstate? Since the 800 number is not useful to getting any answer, how else can I reach anything or anyone with SquareTrade/Allstate?

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