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HP ML350p G8 - Fan Solution Not Sufficient - but ALL fans failing?


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Does anyone have any experience with older HP Enterprise Servers at all?


I’ve been using an old ML350P as a plex server for a while, and it has been… ‘sufficient’.


I’ve been planning to upgrade the CPUs and do some other tweaks, and finally got around to spending some time on the machine. I went to all of the trouble of upgrading the CPU’s, only to realised BEFORE i do this, i have to run an update ISO prior to doing this. I admitted defeat, and replaced the older CPU’s in the server, to begin the process of properly upgrading the CPU’s, the way HP wants… 🙄


On restarting the Server, it posted with RAM an CPU, then proceeded with:


1611 -Fan 1 Missing
1611 -Fan 2 Missing
1611 -Fan 3 Missing
1611 -Fan 4 Missing
Fan Solution Not Sufficient
Critical Failure Detected - System Shutting down in 5 Seconds!


Now, on a bit of research (not that it was required, really…) obviously the error is pointing out that the iLO (Intelligent Lights Out , HP’s IPMI) hasn’t detected any of the 4 fans, and has shut down to stop overheating.  Many have posted about this, but usually only pertaining to having 1 fan not being detected (usually being a non-redundant fan, and i'm assuming all have been fixed with replacing said fan, or checking connections...)


My case, ALL (four) fans are NOT detected. The fans are, however, on, spinning (GOD so loud 😅), and the 4 fan lights on the MB are all lit up with a GREEN LED. I’ve tried cleaning the contacts, swapping fans, even resetting the NVRAM (switch 6)… to no avail.


Does anyone know of what is happening? Have i missed something? Should i roll back the BIOS? is there anything else i can do, other than buy a replacement motherboard?

It just seems odd that all of a sudden ALL fans aren’t recognised, when before they were all working fine.


Appreciate any help here guys… thanks in advance!



Screen Shot Fan Solution Not Sufficient.jpg

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