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Microserver does not cold boot with PCIE Edge TPU installed


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After installing an edge TPU in my gen8 micro server I'm facing an issue where the system does not boot when the card is installed (power LED blinks every second and the system does not start).


If I turn on the server without the card and plug the card after the first part of the boot process (when the loading bar appears) then the boot process continues and the card is detected by the OS. At this point if I reboot the system (with the card still plugged in) the server boots without issues, but if I shutdown the system and then attempt to turn it on again then the power button blinks and the system does not turn on.


When the OS loads the TPU works for about a minute and then I'm experiencing communication issues. 

The coral is the mini pcie version and I'm using a mini pcie to pcie adapter (I'm attaching a picture of the adapter). 


I tries updating the BIOS to the latest but it makes no difference. 




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