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Anyone using Plex?


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Just curious if anyone has tried it, used it, etc? What are your thoughts? It looks nice and versatile but I don't see any TV recording or playback mentioned. That's a no-go for me.



I just installed the newly-released Plex Media Server on my Win 7 primary desktop. Runs out of a browser. User interface is straight forward but this is NOT the Plex/Nine mac desktop client equivalent that I was hoping for. This only makes your media available (via Streaming Wifi or 3G) to Android or iOS devices. Still cool, but I don't see it as a Windows Media Center replacement until there's an "across the room" GUI that can run on an HTPC.


Hopefully that's coming because it is pretty slick looking on a Mac.


HSS-Dave, as far as I can tell, no Live TV yet on the Plex software for Mac. Looks like you'd still need EyeTV (or something like it) for that. Eye-TV + Plex though seems like an interesting Mac Media Server combo.

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