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Hp gen8 server 2016E replace raid 1 disks


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Good evening all,

i looked at mij server (gen8 with boot ssd connected to internal connector, the 4 bays connected to P222 raid card internally, and 4 drives in external case connected to also P222. All drives are raid 0,  except bays 1 and 2 which are set up raid 1, 3TB wd red disks, with al the server folders, and a onedrive folder

all other disks are for daily, weekly, monthly yearly backups, clientcomputer backups and server backup. And then there is an offsite backup offcourse, made every week.

now is disk 7 ( 1 of the disks in te external housing) in error and needs replacement. Size is 1 TB. Now 1 bought 2 new wd red plus disks, 4TB each, which in want to setup as raid 1 and these will replace the other raid 1 setup.  My idea of how to do this is the following:

take out 2 of the raid 0 disks (including the defective one).remove the arrays in the p222 setup, install the 2 4 TB disks, setup raid 1.

then i copy all the serverfolders and onedrivefolder to the 4 TB array. 
when this is done, i delete the  raid 1 array for bay 1 and 2, and gove the drive letter to the 4 TB array (D:)

then make 2 new 3 TB raid 0 arrays, and give them the drive letters the old 2 removed 1 TB drives had.

finally, make sure that the backups are again correctly setup.


it is some work, but this is the best way to do it.


somebody told me to change the disk in bay 2 with a new 4 TB disk, and repair the array. After that is done, remove the other disk from bay 1 and insert there the 4 TB disk, and repair again. But my thinking is will it then finally be 4 TB or just 3 TB?


any info and advice is appreciated.




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