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Issue with Hyper-V VM network dropping


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Hi all,


I have two Gen8 servers, one running ESXi and one running Hyper-V. I had a Windows Server 2016 VM running on ESXi for years which hosts a program that uses an Advantage database, I then run the client app from my laptop and it connects over the network. Last weekend I decided to move my VMs from ESXi to Hyper-V so I could power down a host to save on the leccy bill. 


I created a new Win 10 VM, migrated the database and reconnected. All was working fine except I am getting intermittent 7010 errors. I can run the software on the VM without any errors so that rules out db corruption, the permissions are fine (I would expect a perm issue to be permanent rather than intermittent anyway), I removed my AV/firewall software and disabled Windows firewall and the issues still occurred. I submitted program logs and the software support team have determined it is a network issue.


I thought I had found my answer from this Microsoft article but I am running driver 06/04/2018 and have verified that Virtual Machine Queues are already disabled on both NICs. I ran a constant ping to my gateway and Google DNS and there were no lost packets, I know this isn't a perfect test but it showed the VM remained connected to my LAN and WAN even though I had a disconnect on the database. 


I am at a loss at what to try next, does anyone have any tips? I have both NICs connected to my switch and each is on a separate VLAN, in Hyper-V manager I have set these up as two separate external networks and my VM is connected to the correct VLAN. I can't see this being a cable issue as the pings are ok and TeamViewer remains connected.



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I set up a new Win 10 Pro VM and this time used a local account rather than joining to Azure AD and it is working. Not sure if this was the problem but been fine for days now, everything else is the same except this new VM is 21H2 and the original was 21H1. 

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