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Changing drives - help!


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I have 4 x HDDs in the bays plus 1 x SSD plugged into ODD port, all configured via B120 as single drive RAID so I can boot off the ODD port.


All worked fine but was running out of space, so I've transferred the data from 3 x HDDs onto 1 x larger HDD which was plugged in via USB caddy in Windows.


I just removed the 3 x HDDs and plugged in the new 1 x larger HDD and it got all upset.


I have removed the 3 arrays from the HP SSA, so in theory just need to stick the new drive in and set up again as a single drive RAID - but I've read that it'll wipe any data already on the drive!!


How am I best to start using the new larger HDD without having to clear it and start again (I've already done days of data transfer etc).

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I have moved drives from AHCI to HPE single drive RAID0 without losing data. I have also taken single drive RAID0 drives and moved them back to AHCI without losing data. There are no guarantees, have a clean backup of your data.


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