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I am facing an issue with my browser as it do not load pages correctly


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I am facing an issue with a website that does not load on my System.


The website opens well on my mobile but it gives issues on my HP Desktop.


I am using operating system 10 with all the software updated.


Let me share with you an example, like whenever I open a website https://rugknots.com/


on the Desktop, it failed to load. and gives the error attached with


I have tried different browsers like Chrome, Opera, etc but it gives the same issue.


I have also tried clearing the cache and browsing data but still all in vain.


I hope that you will assist me in resolving the issue.


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Are you running any anti-virus software or any kind of ad blocking software? I don't think it's a DNS problem but you could try changing the DNS to something like for testing, this is Google DNS without any filtering. Also try clearing all browser settings such as cache and cookies. Try resetting browser settings. Just some things to try

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