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Question about 332i NIC firmware update


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Good morning,


I've been trying to update the 332i firmware in my Microserver Gen 8 without much success.  The server is running Server 2019 and has the current 332i drivers installed -


I have the latest (I think) 332i firmware download,, but when I try just running cp045014.exe I get this message -




I unpacked cp045014.exe and ran bcmnicfwupg.exe, but it gave this -




It has found the 332i and sees the current version, 15.4.2, but wants to upgrade it to 0.0.0.


I wisely stopped, closed the tool and decided to seek the advice of those far more knowledgeable about such things.


Can someone tell me what's going on with this and perhaps how I can update the 332i firmware?


Thank you.






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Posted (edited)
45 minutes ago, schoondoggy said:

Are you trying to update the NIC on the motherboard 332i or do you have an add in NIC 332t?

This appears to be the newest from the MicroServer Gen8 support site. I would try it:

Software Details - HPE Broadcom NX1 Online Firmware Upgrade Utility for Windows Server x64 Editions | HPE Support


Yes, it's the motherboard 332i.  I downloaded cp029395.exe from your link and it installed fine.  It went from 15.4.2 to 17.4.41.


Thank you for the info.




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