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Home Server SMART/WindowSMART are officially open source!


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Hey Home Server Show family,


It's been a long time since I've been around here. Many of you know me as the guy who built Home Server SMART. After lots of prayer and consideration, and actually getting around to it, I have at long last officially released the source code of Home Server SMART and WindowSMART to open source!

The code has been pulled up to Visual Studio 2019 (Community Edition), and requires you to install the Wix Toolset to build the installers.


This code is for what was known as WindowSMART 2015 and Home Server SMART 2015 (in the code I was preparing to rebrand it to "24/7" instead of 2015). This code is NOT the Home Server SMART Classic, which was for v1 of Windows Home Server. I will be getting that out in GitHub shortly. (The Classic code was built in VS 2008 and is intended for 32-bit systems so it'll be a bit more of a challenge to ensure the code dependencies, particularly for the C++ portion, don't get upgraded to something Windows Home Server can't handle.)


It was a pleasure to build this for you. With both of my kids rapidly approaching high school age, I have even less time to spend on side projects such as this. It needs much care and feeding to support the huge array of SSDs out there now, not to mention NVMe drives.


Pick it up. Run with it. Have fun with it. If you'd like to start developing with it in the "official" project, let me know via GitHub so I can make you a contributor.


You can find it here: https://github.com/msawyer91/WindowSMART


Kindest regards,


Matt (former owner of Dojo North Software, LLC (dissolved 2020))

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No problem Dave! It's been a great run and I'm thrilled that Home Server SMART helped out so many peeps. I would have loved to continue working on it, but family wins. If this was my sole vocation, I'd be all in. But when I have gainful employment with an amazing company, I'm not going to take that from them.


We're friends on Facebook so you've had the privilege of seeing the "heathens" grow from babies to toddlers to one's almost in high school and the second one not far behind!

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